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"You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. The second is like it. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations."  Matthew 22:37 & 28:19 

At Our Lady of Victory, we strive to live this out in our daily lives. Our mission is to equip parishioners to do the same: to love God completely, to serve each other joyfully, and to form ourselves and each other into disciples of Christ. We want you to know that no matter your state in life, you are called to holiness. There is a place for you here. 


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For Diocesan offerings and reflections from Bishop Malesic, click here.


Click on either of the two relief organizations noted to provide financial support for Earthquake Relief in Turkey and Syria via Catholic Relief Services or Catholic Near East Welfare Association.


Click on the picture below to see how you can help the people of the Ukraine through Catholic Relief Services using the following link to donae NOW. (


Saturday, March 18, 2023.  Click here for more information.  Click here (pg. 1, pg. 2) to REGISTER TODAY!


"I therefore with joy and gratitude to Almighty God hereby announce that the time has come for Catholics to return to the celebration of the Eucharist on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation." - Bishop Edward C. Malesic 18 May 2021

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"Hope is on the Horizon" - click on the picture below to see the video clip.  Come HOME to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist!


For a copy of the Novena for Life (which can be used throughout the year), click here.


We are here to help in any way we can.  Please, contact either Father Mike Matusz at [email protected], or, Linda Herold at [email protected], or call the Parish Center Offices at (330) 633-3637, if you are in need or know of someone else in need, or if you simply just need to talk and have someone listen.  We will do what we can to help.

Masses/Liturgies/Prayers are live streamed daily on Facebook (click here to access) as well as uploaded to Vimeo (click here to access) and YouTube (click here to access).   Check the Parish Facebook page for the schedule of daily/weekly events.  Weekend Masses and other major liturties are also broadcast via FM 93.7.

For information regarding the RESUMPTION of the PUBLIC CELEBRATION of the SACRAMENT of RECONCILIATION (CONFESSION), click here.

For a "Rosary amid COVID-19 (prayers composed and written by Pope Francis), click here.

For information on the "How" and "Why" of "Spiritual Communion", click here.

For Emergency Assistance Information and to apply, click here.


A gift for you! FORMED!

FORMED is a wonderful way to not only grow in your relationship with God, but in your Catholic Faith as well, and it is FREE!  Click on the above logo and you will be taken the FORMED web page.  If already a "member" of FORMED, you can sign-in there.  If not, and you wish to register, click on "Find your Parish here (Click here)" and look up Our Lady of Victory, Tallmadge, OH.  That will take you to the Registration Page where you can then complete your registration.  Enjoy FORMED!
LET US KNOW WHAT YOU ARE STUDYING, WATCHING, LISTENING TO, READING and we'll pass it along to your fellow parishioners.  Just email us at:  
[email protected], and we'll pass it along, or, if you have questions or suggestions, email us and we'll get back to you!  


Since FORMED from a few years back has been provided without cost to subscribers for the past 3 years, that was due in large part to the substantial subsidy received from the Diocese of Cleveland (obtained from Rooted in Faith, Forward in Hope funds).  While the Diocese subsidy has ended, we continue to provide FORMED to our members without cost.  IF YOU WISH TO HELP WITH THIS, GO TO "FAITH DIRECT".

For the PROTECTION of Children

To report any past or present  suspected inappropriate behavior toward children by priests, deacons, religious, lay ecclesial ministers, or personnel associated with the Church, please contact the Diocesan Response Service at: (216) 334-2999

Diocese of Cleveland + 1404 East Ninth Street + Cleveland, Ohio 44114 + (800) 869-6525

Click on the image below to take you to  Diocesan web page "Protecting God's Children" for more information.

  • For important statements/documents from Pope Francis and others, click the tab above (Parish Life), and (For the Protection of Children) under that tab.
  • For other important and helpful information and services for those who are victims of abuse and for those who minister to them, click here.
  • Subscribe to "The Healing Voices" Newsletter, here.

Electronic Giving Made Easy!


Catholics Come Home!

YOUR Domestic Church!

Catholics Returning Home

For more information click here,

or contact Fr. Mike or Linda Herold at the Parish Center Office for more information ((330)633-3637; [email protected]; [email protected])

STAND in the GAP with OTHERS!

Join with others in STANDING in the GAP in PRAYER! Read more about this IMPORTANT ministry for ALL who pray!

Learn more about this EXCITING and IMPORTANT MINISTRY for YOU!! Click here for an update.

For a Prayer Guide for "Standing in the Gap", click on the picture below.

JESUS stood in the "gap" in prayer.  Check out these Scripture references.


Loving God . . . Loving Others . . . Becoming and Making Disciples 78 Years!

Homily for "Recommitment/Renewal" Initiative

To see Pastoral Report to the Parish for 2022 click on banner below

"Loving GOD. . .  Loving OTHERS . . .  Becoming/Making DISCIPLES . . . 78 Years!"

Electronic Offertory Recommitment/Renewal (click on Recommitment/Renewal - Prayer Intentions Card below)

Recommitment/Renewal - Prayer Intentions Card 

Click here for a detailed Revenue and Expense Report.   Click here for a detailed Balance Sheet.


SCHOOL has STARTED! An important message on BULLYING.

"There is no place for bullying in the Kingdom of God." (click and watch this video message.)



Pray with the "Mime" Stations of the Cross (from a few years back), offered by our Youth (at that time).  Click on the picture below.


Important and Helpful Information

Cleveland Catholic Diocese - Access the website here.

Catholic Charities/Community Services of Summit County - Programs and Services: pg. 1, pg. 2.

Catholic Charities/Community Services of Summit County - Individual and Family Counseling

Catholic Charities/Community Services of Summit County - Adult Day Care: pg. 1, pg. 2

Church's ministry to LGBTQ Persons and their Families as well as ministry to the Incarcerated and their families, click here!


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Statements

Statement from the President/Vice President of the USCCB on Refugees/Immigrants

Statement from USCCB Committee on Migration Chair on Refugees/Immigrants

Statement from Diocese of Cleveland Catholic Charities on Refugees/Immigrants


Office Hours

Parish Office: Mon*-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
*Opens at 10:00am
Phone: 330-633-3637

Religious Education Office:
Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:00pm
Phone: 330-633-3637

Mass Times

Monday -Thursday at 8:30am
Saturday at 5:00pm
Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00am
(All live streamed on Facebook; uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube)

Confessions and Prayer

Saturday - 9:00am
(or by Appointment)

Evening Prayer/Exposition/Benediction
Monday-Wednesday at 7 pm
Tuesday-Thursday-Friday at 7pm
(All live streamed on Facebook; uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube)

Liturgy of the Word for Children
Sunday - during the 8:30am Mass

Mass times when you travel:

Parish School of Religion (PSR), Lifeteen, Youth Ministry 2022-2023

For information for the 2022-2023 Year, please click below:

- Grades K-8

- Confirmaton

- Lifeteen


Application for Financial Assistance/Education Endowment Trust Fund (2023-2024 Academic Year), click here.

Liturgical Ministers/Welcome Ministers Schedules



Click here for Corpus Christ Novena.

Click here for Offician Prayer/Novena to the Blessed Carlo Acutis. 

Synod 2021-2023

Pope Francis wants to hear from each member of the Church and BEYOND!  Check out information on the Synod that has begun and the "Synodal" Church the Pope is calling form.

What is a "Synodal" Church?  Click below for more information.

Click here for a link to hear Bishop Malesic's Homily of October 17th for the Opening Diocesan Synodal Mass.


THANK YOU for helping to beat our 2022 Goal!  The 2023 Campaign begins now.  See the "THANK YOU!"  below and lets meet our 2023 Goal together! 

Click on THANK YOU!

For a message from Bishop Malesic, click here.


Our Lady of Victory joyfully welcomed Bishop Edward C. Malesic - Sunday, October 11, 2020

For the video of the outdoor Mass on the 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time with Bishop Malesic, please, click on the picture below.

To read the article on the Diocesan Website and see more great pictures of the Bishop's Visit on Sunday, October 11th, click here.

The Most Reverend Edward C. Malesic, 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland

For information about Bishop Malesic, click here.

For a Statement from Bishop Malesic on the sin or racism, click here.

Heart of a Shepherd Campaign News!

 An opportunity to provide a place to house and form Seminarians who are preparing for priesthood, along with permanent Deacons and other ministers of our Church; aid newly ordained in offering some financial burden relief following ordination; provide care of the priests who have faithfully committed their lives to shepherding our faith.  Our Lady of Victory has made a commitment (payable over 3 years) to assist.  If you wish to participate, click on the picture below for further details.

The Domestic Church - the Church at Home

The IMPORTANCE of and FORMING the Domestic Church during these Pandemic Times.  A short but great Video to watch and inspire.  Click here.

Parents, all of us . . . check out this

Also, "6 Things Children Learn When You Skip Mass on Sundays!"


Pope Francis on "The Mass"

Pope Francis, "Lift up your hearts, not your cell phones.", and more on the Mass.  Click the pic below.


Elements of the Catholic Mass


Bishop Michael Woost, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland, "Forming Our Liturgical Lives".  Click here.


Pray Tell - Worship and Liturgy Blog

GREAT resource for understanding "why we do what we do."  Click on the picture below.



For more information about the Knights of Columbus and the great work they do, click on the picture below.

To receive more information, follow this link and complete the requested information: Landingpage.html.  Or you can contact Greg Tomei directly (330-633-6751 or [email protected]) to learn more about the many benefits of membership in our Council.




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